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I’m Dean Kirby, an award-winning journalist, urban historian, genealogist and tour guide exploring and writing about the history of Manchester. Welcome to my newsletter telling stories from the streets of the world’s first industrial city.

What is the Manchester History Club?

It’s a newsletter and a community of subscribers where we’ll discuss the city’s history — starting with the districts of Angel Meadow, Ancoats and the Northern Quarter which I know best. In time, we’ll also explore other parts of the city.

Why did I start this newsletter?

A few years ago archaeologists dug up my ancestor’s house in one of Manchester’s worst Victorian slums, Angel Meadow. It sparked an interest in the area that has led me to write a bestselling book and do a PhD on the history of the area.

I want to share my passion for Manchester’s working class history and to help keep these stories alive. I now lead walking tours of Angel Meadow with a unique family history element to them and I’ve also set up a family history research service to help other people research their Mancunian ancestors.

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In each newsletter, you’ll hear a story about the Victorian city. It could be about a person, an incident or a broader aspect of life for working people. As a free subscriber, you can also join my chat group, where I help people research their Mancunian ancestors. From time to time, you’ll also hear about offers and events.

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What’s next?

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Dr Dean Kirby is an award-winning journalist, and a historian, author, genealogist and tour guide with a PhD in urban history. Once Upon a Time in Manchester reveals forgotten stories from the streets of Victorian Manchester.