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An interesting read Dean. Today of course , it's the online version of Megsmen that try to fleece us. The nameless, faceless and gutless of the net. We could be sitting opposite them on a train, we'd never know would we.


No, I haven't been conned, stay vigilant folks.

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My maternal grandfather Joseph Gibbs was, coincidentally from Lincoln. In 1910 he and his wife moved to Birmingham for work. In 1919 his wife died in the Influenza epidemic and he lost his job. He decided to make a fresh start in Manchester but was mugged on leaving the railway station, nothing as subtle as a con.

He walked back to Birmingham and got lodgings with a friend of a friend. His landlady had a sister Mabel who became Joe’s second wife, they had two daughters the younger of which was my mother.

So it had a happy (ish) ending although when my grandfather told me the story it was something like “I spent three years in a trench in France and never had a scratch, I was the only one in a house who never got flu but I was 10 minutes in effin Manchester and got beaten and robbed. I never went there again.

Keep up the good work.


Chris Pitt.

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