Great reading, really interesting. After Years of genealogy I discovered that My Irish ancestors ( Glennon, Hickey, Devlin, O Connell) arrived from Galway, Meath and Leitrim to Manchester during the 1840s

They were Tailors and furriers living in Angel Meadow, on Angel Street. Married in St Michael’s probably buried in Angel Meadow. They Moved around Cheetham hill, Ancoats, Beswick and Collyhurst, generations later working in the Gasworks.

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Fascinating story. My 4x great grandparents came from Ireland, lived in Angel Meadows and were married at Manchester Cathedral in about 1830. They signed their marriage ‘certificate’ with a X

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Amazing !

So sad to think our forebears had to live in such conditions.

Makes me very proud of them.

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I've followed your journey from before your book was published Dean and so glad you're doing this now.

I've always been fascinated with the area as I lived just up Collyhurst Road from AM and went to school in Cheetham Hill. We used to go sketching in AM area in the 1960s and I tuned into the atmosphere of the place then.

I wonder if the underground cellars are still there of my Victorian terraced childhood home in Leek St? Something I'll never know.

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Fascinating stuff. I can’t wait to read on ..

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